Look, we know Planned Parenthood is bad news. 

Not only are they the largest vendor of abortions in our nation, proven to have sold the parts of babies they kill for profit, but they prey upon young women, trapping us into their create-a-customer-for-life business model. They betray us by saying that abortion is painless, easy, and our only option -- that it’s impossible to choose life and continue our education or career.

But what if there was a way to reach women before Planned Parenthood does? What if we could tell them the truth about Planned Parenthood without her disbelieving our voice simply because we are pro-life? With these commercials, we can.

Through our years of work on campuses, our team at Students for Life has developed the messages that we know open hearts and change minds when it comes to abortion and Planned Parenthood. We know what works, and what doesn’t. And we know where to reach our target audience: those young women who are being targeted by Planned Parenthood for business.

Help Us Raise the Funds to Air these Ads!

While we are fighting back against Hulu's censorship, we are moving forward in getting our commercials on the airwaves. Right now, we are in talks with another major TV network and need to show them that we will be making a substantial investment.

With your support, we can reach women right where they are, watching their favorite TV shows, and reach them before they get trapped into the Planned Parenthood predatory scheme.

For just 4 cents per play, we can counter the “War on Women” political rhetoric, show her that Planned Parenthood doesn't need our taxpayer dollars, and point her to a place where she can get real help.

Can you help us reach 200 women for just $8 dollars or Reach 1000 women for just $40? 

Sign Our Petition to Hulu's CEO

To: Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu

We, the undersigned, wholeheartedly disagree with and are saddened by your decision to ban Students for Life's TV commercials and ask you to reconsider.  Over the years, your network has aired commercials advertising Planned Parenthood and dangerous, abortion-causing IUDs. It is only fair that you allow Students for Life's non-controversial ads, which link only to a government website, to run on your network.

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What cities are you targeting?

We want to take these to every city Planned Parenthood operates abortion facilities. However, we don’t have the funds for that. Not yet, anyway. So, we are starting with five that we are allowing our $25,000+ supporters choose. We are recommending the following cities for consideration: Houston, Ft. Myers-Naples (FL), Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Des Moines.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! Students for Life of America is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization, so your gift is tax-deductible.

What is Hulu?

In their own words: "Hulu is a premium streaming TV destination that offers thousands of hours of the best of current season programming, premium original content and full seasons of hit seres to subscribers across millions of internet-connected devices in the U.S. Hulu is the only stream subscription services that offers current season contact from 5 of the 6 largest U.S. broadcast networks. More than 1000 advertisers have leveraged the Hulu service since launch in 2008, including Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Visa, Pepsi, Nestle, Microsoft…"

Why aren’t you referring women to pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers?

At Students for Life, we refer students daily to the life-saving work of pregnancy resources centers across our nation. However, for this project, we chose to simply refer women to the government website in order to show her that taxpayer dollars don’t need to go to Planned Parenthood and further legitimize our messaging, making it look less like a “pro-life” ad and more like a public service announcement (PSA).

Can I help get these TV ads on my local stations?

Yes! We are giving the license to these ads to any local or state or pro-life organization who wants to fundraise to get the ads on their local airwaves. Contact our Director of Communications, Kristina Hernandez at khernandez@studentsforlife.org for more information.